Mama Franko business means party is coming to town! A crew of eight musicians blend their different backgrounds into a surprising adventure which will leave your feet dancing. Reggae, Hiphop, Funk and Balkan are the main ingredients in this explosive musical cocktail. Think of summer, adventurous trips into the unknown and friendships stronger then brother bonds – the music is always danceable and uplifting. Celebrating life has never sounded so good!

Every performance Mama Franko drives the audience wild with their infectious energy. Pounding drums, pumping bass, manic guitars, a berserk brass section, rap philosophies and seducing vocals. This absurd combination forces every audience into a partying frenzy.

Mama Franko and their swinging and fun filled tunes are a welcome guest at lots of festivals throughout Holland (a.o. MADnes, Over De Top Festival, Bevrijdingsfestival), and the band also performed twice at the dutch poptemples Paradiso and Paard.
Three years ago they released their first EP called ‘Let’s Celebrate Life!. Now we are back with fresh, chunky music. The first single will soon be released on Spotify.





No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

06 Jul 2018 Delft Westerpop Westerpop
12 May 2018 Wateringen Waterproof - POPPodium Nederland 3 Waterproof - POPPodium Nederland 3
05 May 2018 Delft Blue Balls Festival - RC Delft Blue Balls Festival - RC Delft
27 Apr 2018 Delft Wijnhaven Wijnhaven
23 Feb 2018 Vlaardingen De Kroepoekfabriek De Kroepoekfabriek
09 Feb 2018 Delft Try Out @ Steck Try Out @ Steck
26 Jan 2018 Scheveningen Hart Beach - Scheveningen Hart Beach - Scheveningen
17 Nov 2017 Delft Roast Chicken Bar Roast Chicken Bar
05 Oct 2017 Den Haag Paard Paard
24 Jun 2017 Maasland Boerol Boerol
18 Jun 2017 Delft Nacht van de Vluchteling Nacht van de Vluchteling
05 Jun 2017 Vlaardingen Pluimage Pluimage
28 May 2017 Amsterdam Rollende Keukens Rollende Keukens
27 May 2017 Amsterdam Rollende Keukens Rollende Keukens
27 Apr 2017 Delft Café de Wijnhaven Café de Wijnhaven
04 Jun 2016 Amsterdam Ultimate Frisbee Festival Ultimate Frisbee Festival
04 Jun 2016 Rotterdam Schouwburgplein Schouwburgplein
28 May 2016 IJsselstein Fulcotheater Fulcotheater
15 May 2016 Vlaardingen Festival De Vreemde Vogel Festival De Vreemde Vogel
27 Apr 2016 Delft Jammen met Mama Franko @ Het Labyrint Jammen met Mama Franko @ Het Labyrint
27 Feb 2016 Delft Ciccionina Ciccionina
18 Feb 2016 Tilburg Stukafest Tilburg - eindfeest Stukafest Tilburg - eindfeest
28 Nov 2015 Aalten
10 Oct 2015 Helmond
26 Sep 2015 Schiedam Graauwe Hengst Graauwe Hengst
19 Sep 2015 Utrecht IBB Fest IBB Fest
18 Sep 2015 Hilversum Radio Veronica @ De Vorstin Radio Veronica @ De Vorstin
05 Sep 2015 Doetinchem Stadsfeesten Stadsfeesten
11 Jul 2015 Muiderslot Muiderslot
20 Jun 2015 Alphen Fete de l'amour Fete de l'amour
11 Jun 2015 Delft Voorprogramma Jungle By Night - Theater de Veste Voorprogramma Jungle By Night - Theater de Veste
10 Jun 2015 Bloemendaal aan zee Woodstock '69 Woodstock '69
30 May 2015 Zoetermeer
29 May 2015 Harderwijk Lalaland Lalaland
24 May 2015 Delft Rising High Rising High
24 May 2015 Lichtenvoorde Over De Top Festival Over De Top Festival
16 May 2015 Spaarnwoude Beyond Festival Beyond Festival
05 May 2015 Den Haag Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag
02 May 2015 Delft Blue Balls Festival Blue Balls Festival
04 Apr 2015 Amsterdam 30x20 min Festival - Paradiso 30x20 min Festival - Paradiso
07 Mar 2015 Hoorn Fire Festival - Huis Verloren Fire Festival - Huis Verloren
27 Feb 2015 Zwolle Gunterfest Gunterfest
15 Feb 2015 Groningen Buckshot Buckshot
05 Feb 2015 Tilburg Stukafest Stukafest
21 Jan 2015 Live uit Lloyd - Radio Rijnmond Live uit Lloyd - Radio Rijnmond
16 Jan 2015 Groningen Altersonic - De Drie Gezusters Altersonic - De Drie Gezusters
28 Dec 2014 Pinguin Radio Pinguin Radio
24 Dec 2014 Delft Grandcafé De Sjees Grandcafé De Sjees
20 Dec 2014 Delft Radio Delft Radio Delft
22 Nov 2014 Katwijk
04 Oct 2014 Den Haag De Supermarkt De Supermarkt


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